Created in the late 2006, the Norwegian alternative electro-rock band ESSENCE OF MIND proved they could maintain the excellence we have come to expect from Norwegian electronics!

After their succesfull debut album «Insurrection» (2008), their straight in your face attitude and high-energy music rapidly boosted their ascension to the top and was just the start..........

With the album "Indifference", ESSENCE OF MIND confirmed the band's sound evolution made of a blend of electro, industrial rock, drum n bass, alternative and pop, always on the edge. The music could be described as a mixture of the 2 previous albums "Insurrection" and "Try and Fail", but in a brand new wrapping described as ESSENCE OF MIND's hardest and most emotional album yet.

ESSENCE OF MIND has already been touring with well known bands, such as Apoptygma Berzerk and Zeromancer, and has showed a big audience that they deliver great and exciting live shows, and their aim for perfection continues to push the band to evolve further.

Building up on the success received by the new sound approach they revealed on their "Indifference" album, ESSENCE OF MIND striked back with the "Escape" single and video summer 2013, and the «Hate» single in February 2014 announcing a much promising follow-up full length release.

To complete the trilogy of singles before their next album, ESSENCE OF MIND released the «Wrong» single and video in December 2014.

Boosted by the enormous feedback generated by their challenging EP trilogy "Escape", "Hate" and "Wrong", and building up on their growing success received during their recent German tour with their neighbours & friends of APOPTYGMA BERZERK, Norway's ESSENCE OF MIND released the hugely anticipated release of their 4th full length album «The Break Up» in April 2015.

A year after their latest album ESSENCE OF MIND returned with the follow up EP, “After The Break Up”, which marked both the end of an era, and a brand new start for ESSENCE OF MIND who are embracing the present and future with full energy and renewed dynamic vibes, leaving all the nostalgic past behind once for all...

Powerful, melodic, and electronic with a touch of massive industrial nu-metal and other intricate dance music elements such as drum’n’bass, EDM and dubstep, ESSENCE OF MIND do not only confirm with this new album the band's faultless production maturity, but also brings their unique sound style to the next level!

And don't miss catching them live!

Essence Of Mind are:

Erlend H. Eilertsen: music, vocals, lyrics, production, keyboards and guitars

Christian Paulsen: guitars, bass

Hasse Mattsson: keyboards, additional programming


© 2016 by Essence Of Mind

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